Apple releases Vishal Bhardwaj’s short film ‘Fursat’ shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Director Vishal Bhardwaj makes a comeback with his short film “Fursat,” starring Ishaan Khatter.

The film is a 30-minute-long musical that has been released on YouTube.

The movie is about a young archaeologist who is heartbroken and experiences visions of ancient relics coming to life.

The film was shot entirely on an iPhone 14 Pro, which features the new “Action mode” for smooth video capture.

The iPhone 14 Pro supports 4K at 30 fps and 4K at 24 fps in videos.

The director praised the iPhone 14 Pro’s technology, saying that it liberated him from the limitations of traditional film cameras.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s “Action mode” impressed the director, who stated that the raw footage was “so jarring and destabilized,” but on “Action mode,” it was “so smooth.”

The iPhone 14 Pro’s technology allowed the director to achieve a level of scale in his film that he had never experienced before.