Business Lessons to learn from Walter White ft. Breaking Bad

Walter White diversified his income by cooking and selling meth, which allowed him to have a steady stream of money even when one of his ventures failed.

Diversify your income streams

“The Cat’s in the Bag…””

Se01 / Ep02

Walter White had a deep understanding of the meth-making process and the drug trade, which helped him navigate the challenges and opportunities in his industry

Have a clear understanding of your industry


Se01 / Ep01

Walter White was able to adapt to changing circumstances, such as when the DEA began to crack down on meth production. He was able to pivot and find new ways to continue operating.

Be adaptable

“No Mas”

Se03 / Ep01

Walter White built a strong team of loyal and capable associates, which helped him to expand his operations and maintain control of his empire

Have a strong team

“Better Call Saul”


Se02 / Ep08

Walter White was willing to take risks to achieve his goals, but he also calculated the potential risks and rewards before making a decision.

Take calculated risks

“One Minute”


Se03 / Ep07

Walter White maintained a good public image as a high school chemistry teacher, which helped him to avoid suspicion and maintain a low profile.

Maintain a good public image



Se01 / Ep01

Walter White always had a contingency plan in place in case things went wrong, which helped him to minimize the damage when things did go wrong.

Be prepared for the worst

“Negro y Azul”

Se02/ Ep07

Walter White was ruthless in protecting his empire, eliminating anyone who posed a threat to his business.

Be ruthless



Se02 / Ep12

Walter White was a master at negotiation and always came out on top in his business deals.

Be strategic in your negotiation


Se03 / Ep03

Walter White was aware of the legal issues surrounding his business and took steps to avoid prosecution, but ultimately it was his legal issues that led to his downfall.

Be aware of legal issues

“Granite State”


Se05 / Ep15