ChatGPT + Internet
8 Features That Were Not Possible Before

ChatGPT Plus now has internet access. Enable the Web Browsing option in settings and select the GPT-4 Web Browsing template for new possibilities.

ChatGPT can now summarize any news within seconds.

1. News Summary

Example Prompt: “Summarize the key points from the 2023 United Nations climate change report in a paragraph and a list.”

ChatGPT becomes your business partner by analyzing the latest market trends and consumer preferences. 

2. Trend Detection

Example Prompt: “Analyze the recent e-commerce trends and consumer behavior patterns in Q1 2023 in a concise manner.”

Save time analyzing recent academic papers.

3. Academic Research

Example Prompt: “Summarize the latest research on exoplanet destruction published in ‘Nature’ last week in markdown format.”

Utilize ChatGPT for better productivity while working from home.

4. Productivity Boost

Example Prompt: ” From recent online studies, Suggest five effective strategies to improve time management for remote workers.”

ChatGPT analyzes real-time data to predict stock market trends.

5. Stock Market Analysis

Example Prompt: “Based on the latest financial results of the energy companies, how can their shares evolve in the coming weeks?

ChatGPT provides links and references for your essays. 

6. Referenced Essays

Example Prompt: “Compose an essay about the Napoleonic Wars, including citations with links to your sources. Format the titles using markdown.”

ChatGPT simplifies complex topics using current information.

7. Simplified Explanations

Example Prompt: “What’s the current gasoline price in France? Explain to a 12-year-old why it’s not going down while oil prices are decreasing.”

ChatGPT assists with coding using the latest documentation.

8. Coding Assistance

Prompt: “Using the most up-to-date documentation, write the manifest file structure for a Chrome extension.”