Discover the Immersive VR Experiences of 2023 Beyond Just Games

Discover the Immersive VR Experiences of 2023 Beyond Just Games

Experience life on the International Space Station through immersive VR. Float alongside astronauts and witness breathtaking views of Earth from space.

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience

Tour 20 stunning natural spots across 13 locations. Interact with environments, pick up rocks, and capture photographs as you explore breathtaking landscapes.

BRINK Traveller

Navigate the solar system in real-time, learning about constellations and the Milky Way. Gain valuable insights into the cosmos and its celestial wonders.

Star Chart VR

Immerse yourself in educational experiences, exploring remote locations, capturing awe-inspiring photos, and uncovering fascinating stories from around the world.

National Geographic Explore VR

Dive into mesmerizing underwater worlds, swim with dolphins, interact with sea creatures, and encounter prehistoric animals in vibrant sub-aquatic environments.

Ocean Rift

Experience vibrant Caribbean culture through immersive storytelling and music. Join captivating performances and discover the rich history and traditions of the region.

All Kinds of Limbo XR

Master your virtual universe, observing orbiting planets, experimenting with celestial bodies, and witnessing the explosive power of supernovae in the cosmos.

Universe Sandbox

Explore the unsettling aftermath of the 1952 hydrogen bomb detonation, witnessing its devastating environmental impact and delving into complex geopolitical tensions.

Perspectives: Paradise