How Fraudsters are exploiting Aadhaar Security Issues

Criminals are taking advantage of loopholes in India’s national biometric ID program, Aadhaar, to commit crimes like identity theft and financial fraud.

In one instance, a group of fraudsters used over 50 fake Aadhaar cards to open bank accounts and secure loans.

Many people are still not enrolled in Aadhaar, making it difficult to verify their identities.

Criminals have been able to use Aadhaar details obtained from government websites to commit identity theft and fraud.

The government has deactivated over 2.4 million Aadhaar cards that were found to be duplicates or fake.

However, there are still many gaps in the system, such as the lack of a centralized database to track Aadhaar usage and the absence of a system for notifying people when their Aadhaar details are used.

Facial recognition technology could be used as a security measure to prevent fraudulent use of Aadhaar data.

Stronger penalties for those caught using fake Aadhaar cards could act as a deterrent to criminals.

Continued efforts and innovations are needed to strengthen the Aadhaar system and prevent its exploitation by criminals