End of the great American dream for Indian techies?

As tens of thousands of techies continue to lose their jobs at Big Tech corporations due to worries of a recession, the majority of them are finding it difficult to find new employment

Amazon, Salesforce, Meta, Twitter, Uber, and other tech companies have laid off employees and stopped hiring new people.

According to ZipRecruiter, nearly 79% of terminated IT employees found new jobs within three months.

The survey found that nearly 4 in 10 laid off tech employees found jobs less than a month after they began searching.

2023 is heading to be the worst year for tech layoffs, and people with an H1-B visa may no longer be able to find work.

Now that Amazon and Salesforce have just announced layoffs and Google will soon do the same, a lot of H-1B visa holders will be in a tough spot.

They will have 60 days to find a new job or leave the United States, putting an end to the American Dream.

Concerns about a possible economic downturn and rising prices are adding to the unease felt by the thousands of recently laid-off workers.