Major tech companies that haven’t announced any job cuts in the past 6 months

Apple is the sole major tech company to evade job reductions, as Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon have all declared cuts in recent months.


LinkedIn has not announced job cuts despite the recent trend of mass firings in the tech industry. Its COO, Daniel Shapero, believes there’s still high demand for digital skills in the tech sector.


Nvidia produces chips for gaming, crypto, PCs, AI. Founded by Jensen Huang in Santa Clara, CA. Has over 1,000 job openings despite recent hiring freeze.


Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince ready for recession, company adjusted hiring faster than larger tech firms. Prince mentions that continued hiring at the same pace would have resulted in layoffs.


HubSpot avoids layoffs, while competitor Salesforce announces 8,000 job cuts. After Twitter layoffs, Hubspot’s CPO seeks to attract former Twitter employees.


Block avoids layoffs while Jack Dorsey’s Twitter sees 50% layoffs under Elon Musk. Block, a fintech company owning Square, Cash App, and Tidal, was co-founded by Dorsey and McKelvey in 2009.


Broadcom to acquire VMWare for $61B, employees fear layoffs. No layoff announcement at Broadcom, some VMWare employees have left.


MoonPay, a fintech company providing technology for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, has avoided major layoffs despite recent cryptocurrency price collapse and FTX’s bankruptcy.


Since January 1, over 65,000 tech workers have been laid off, according to and Insider’s calculations.