Scammers exploit unemployment crisis with new plan to empty job seekers’ bank accounts

Mass layoffs continue with the new year, with scammers exploiting the situation to target job seekers’ bank accounts.

Scammers posing as employers offer fake jobs to unemployed, ask them to like YouTube videos for ₹50 to generate extra income.

Frauds posing as employers request personal data and payment in exchange for fake job opportunities.

Scammers pay job seekers ₹150 for liking YouTube videos, claiming to be a social media company that generates fake likes using bot farms and fake accounts.

In the second phase, scammers claim difficulty in transferring payments, ask job seekers to download app to gain remote access to personal data and device through malware or trojans.

Furthermore, scammers request job seekers to send them ₹1 for verification, then steal their emails and OTPs to access their bank accounts.

Meanwhile, ICC allegedly lost USD 2.5 million to cybercrime, according to a report.