Understand how Indians spend money in Weddings

An average Indian spends a minimum of 20 Lakh Rupees for a wedding.
But the same average Indian earns 91K per year

$ 50B

The wedding market is worth $50 billion, and there are more than 100 million weddings in India every year, with a growth rate of 20%.

70% of weddings fall in“low cost” category
But high and elite  (combined 7%) weddings spend  is more than what these 70% of weddings cost

Indians spend around $7 Billion on wedding jewellery, this is 12% of total jewellery market.
Apparels worth $1.25 Billion is also bought every year

Around $1 Billion is spent on wedding cards every year.
While tents and pandals expenses constitue $1.25 Billion in expenses

A large
Indians spend large part of lifetime savings in wedding. Around 20% of their life income on Weddings

20% of total loans in India are taken to meet wedding expenses.

Average minimum size of Indian wedding is 524

Around $12.5 Billion is spent on wedding gifts for couples

Despite all this India isn’t the largest market for weddings. USA due to high divorce rate and remarriages tops the list.