Why you need to be frugal while building a new product ft. Spare Parts?

Frugality is the practice of being economical with the use of resources, and it is an important aspect to consider when building a product.


The movie Spare Parts is an example of how frugality can lead to creativity and resourcefulness, and how it can help create something valuable even with limited resources.

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Here are 7 points that explain the importance of frugality in building a product:

The students in the movie Spare Parts had to think outside the box and use spare parts to create a functioning robot, demonstrating how frugality can lead to creativity.

Frugality leads to creativity

The students had to find ways to use the spare parts they had to build their robot, showing how frugality can lead to resourcefulness.

Encourages resourcefulness

The students were able to build their robot using spare parts, which allowed them to save money on materials, highlighting the cost-saving benefits of frugality.

Cost savings

The students had to prioritize which spare parts to use, which helped them to focus on what was most important for the robot’s success.

Prioritization of resources

By using spare parts, the students were able to identify and eliminate waste, leading to more efficient use of resources.

Elimination of waste

The students had to solve problems with limited resources, which helped them to improve their problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving skills

The students’ use of spare parts to build a functioning robot can inspire innovation in others, showing how frugality can lead to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Inspiration for innovation